dave-graneyHail King Dave!
September 30 2014

On September 30 1996, Dave Graney was crowned King of Pop.

It was the day he won the ARIA for Best Male Vocalist, and we’re celebrating the 18th anniversary of his coronation with 24 hours of Graney relegated programming on

In addition to being something of a style guru, Graney, alongside drummer and partner Clare Moore have fronted numerous bands includingThe Moodists (1980 to 1987), The White Buffaloes (1989 to 1990), The Coral Snakes (1987 to 1989, 1991 to 1997), The Dave Graney Show (1998 to 2003), Dave Graney and Clare Moore featuring the Lurid Yellow Mist or Dave Graney and the Lurid Yellow Mist (2004 to 2011) and currently, dave graney and the mistLY.

He has written two books, received nine ARIA Award nominations, and co-presented a radio show on Melbourne’s Triple R community radio station for five years (from 2009) called Banana Lounge Broadcasting aka “BLB”.

Hail King Dave! Long may he reign! We’ll let you know more details soon.

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