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It’s with some sadness, but also with a great sense of pride, that September 30 2014 saw the last broadcast from the imaginary antennae of, Tyneside Cinema’s web radio station. was created in 2011 by Dominic Smith as part of the cinema’s Pixel Palace digital media arts programme, one of a series of experiments in how to present digital art to new audiences and in particular how to present digital art in a venue which had no dedicated exhibition spaces other than its cinema screens.

Of the many experimental projects of Pixel Palace, became one of the most successful, as it rapidly developed into a virtual community of artists working with sound who wanted to digitally distribute their work and connect with audiences. After a few months it moved from occasional transmissions to a hugely ambitious and demanding 24/7 broadcast schedule.

For 24 hours per day, seven days per week, over 30 months, presented an audio gallery that exhibited the work of those making interesting noise: sound collage, found sound, spoken word, discourse, dialogue and discussion, musique concrète or original, remixed and detourned musics. was never intended to run forever. It was conceived as time-limited project, a test-bed for ideas, within a programme which had three-years of funding from the Arts Council. That original funding came to an end, and the arts programme at the Tyneside entered a new era as we opened a dedicated digital arts space curated by Elisabetta Fabrizi.

We’d like to express sincere thanks to Dominic and also to other staff at the cinema and at partners like sourcefabric in Berlin and the Community Media Association who have worked on the experiment.

The audio has been exciting, but what’s been more rewarding has been the opportunity to meet, work, and collaborate with so many great creative people around the world.

Dominic Smith, Andrea McDonald, Anna Casey, Holli Keeble, Craig Puranen Wilson, Iris Priest, Krista Puranen Wilson, Annabella Marczewska, Stagger Lee Fisher, Wayne Davidson, Michael Clunkie, Ben Ponton, Nick Currie, Dan Cooper, Jared Ouchmonkey, Liberty Hodes, Steve Drayton, Dave Graney, Amina Marix Evans, Danny Crossley, Jack Sargeant, Elspeth Abel Slater, Deb O’Rah, Gen Doy, Dee Sada, Rodger Boyle, Michael Harding, Collin Couvillion, Lee Rosevere, Kirsten Luckins, Michael Sterrett, Craig Johnson, Marie Nixon, Jason Thompson, Frankie, Michael Hann, Mike McHugh, Natalia Beylis, Toby Phips Lloyd, Will Scrimshaw, Benjamin Mawson, Jimmy Kipple, Carlo Patrao, Greg Cassandre, Leon Gower, Dave Fryans, Kit Haigh, Steve Luck, Vicki Bennett, Glyn Bush, Will Strong …

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There are lots of ways to listen to … go here to find out more’s weekly schedule is refreshed every Sunday night


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