nightbombing_slideshowGAZA : Night
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Recordings from live webcams by curator Amina, including occasional comments from a guy who broadcasts from his home in Gaza, reading tweets and messages from people around the Strip.

Gaza Night 1 Reports on what’s going on on the ground as friends send him skype messages, but also a whole lot about daily life… no trash collections, inadequate sewage treatment, electricity on and off, water not fit to drink and barely fit to bathe in…. etc etc

Gaza Night 2 has lots and lots of commentary from Denny who is like a kind of indymedia reporter (American) in Gaza.  He is answering questions and comments from the chat.

Gaza Night 3 has lots of bombing and shelling (very loud explosion about seven minutes in) and then commentary from  Jehad Saftawi, who is a local photojournalist who is also tweeting a lot.

To listen to click here

There are lots of ways to listen to … go here to find out more’s weekly schedule is refreshed every Sunday night


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