Signals from the North – LiL sLiPpY (cHuNCk uP tHe D3UcE)

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Signals from the North – LiL sLiPpY  (cHuNCk uP tHe D3UcE)

The second mix for the Signals from the North show from the clandestine, North Carolina (US) Disk Jock Lil sLiPpY. Direct from Hidden Valley, NC sLiP provides us with an hour mix that demands a ‘boom in the room’ that means no iphones, laptop speakers if you want to feel it 4REEL?!!


LiL sLiPpY says:

Word 2 da BoOyaBass dA bEAt Pr0viDa, SlicK mIK3, tVrBo p0lyP mAn, w0kKeL SmUrpH. 2 aLl y’All hATAzz we’L B cHunKin Y0 aSs of dA cUrB rIl SoOn!

LiL sLiPpY gets by on Genesee Cream Ale, Keystone and Iron City beverages.”

Signals from the North is broadcast weekly on Thursdays 18:00 BST & repeated on Sundays 13:00 BST

Signals from the North is lovingly constructed by Signals, a record label based in Newcastle upon Tyne. You can check out their releases here and maybe have a look at their shop too. You can also follow them on twitter and facebook. An archive of all previous Signals from the North shows can be found on mixcloud.

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