The Dandy Hour with the Dandelion Set

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SUNDAYS @ 15:00 – 16:00 GMT

The Dandelion Set is a collaboration between Glyn “Bigga” Bush and PK Chown, the former based in Dorset, UK with his compadre in Basel, Switzerland.

Both grew up on a diet of progressive rock and experimental music before learning to love jazz and latin music in the 80s and embracing digital technology in the 90s.

Having grown their ideas for bands together from heady days at grammar school in Northampton, including a score for a never-performed Alan Moore play, a 6th form prog group, & post punk agitators The DeGoTees and late 80s big band Big Moments, this is their first work together since the mid 90s. Influences take in library music, soundtracks, film scores, 60s TV incidental music, psychedelia, freak-folk, hauntology, early electronic and radiophonic workshop music as well as contemporary beat creators and producers such as Madlib and J Dilla.

Think Egg, Soft Machine, early Pink Floyd, Basil Kirchin, Broadcast & the Focus Group, Zappa/Mothers, Lesiman, Beefheart, Doom, Chrome Hoof, Bruce Haack, Faust, Amon Duul II, Deerhoof, Ghost Box label.

Their fortnightly spot on Basic FM is a DJ mix showcasing across-the-board sounds from now and then plus new tracks, remixes and alternative versions from the Dandelion Set.

 The Dandelion set on: soundcloud  Youtube  Juno  bandcamp  facebook

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7 Responses to The Dandy Hour with the Dandelion Set

  1. Glyn Bush says:

    PART 1
    01 Soft Machine – Pataphysical Introduction
    02 The Dandelion Set – 9 Regal
    03 Soft Machine – Out-Bloody-Rageous (extract)
    04 Theme from Sir Prancelot
    05 King Crimson – 21st Century Schizoid Man (extract)
    06 Frank Zappa – Lumpy Gravy (extract)
    07 Stravinksky – The Rite of Srping (extract)
    08 Egg – Symphony No 1 Part 1
    09 Faust – The Faust Tapes (extracts)
    10 King Crimson – I Talk To The Wind (duo version) (extract)
    11 The Dandelion Set – Pristina Strawberry Girl
    12 Amon Duul II – Restless Skylight Transistor Child (extract)
    13 John Barry – Theme From the Persuaders (extract)
    14 Tony Hatch Sound – Man Alive
    15 Laurie Johnson – Mission Highly Improbable
    16 The Tony Hatch Orchestra – Sportsnight
    17 The Dandelion Set – Harps Ascend
    18 Jazzanova – Another New Day (Stereolab remix)

    19 Pink Floyd – Saucerful of Secrets 
    20 Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band – The Blimp
    21 The Dandelion Set – A Clean sweep
          w/ extract from ‘Untitled ‘ from Faust tapes- Faust 
         and ‘The Blimp’-Capt Beefheart 
    22 Ron Geesin – U.F.O.
    23 Roxy Music – 2HB
    24 The Dandelion Set – Tone Garden expedition
    25 Egg – Long Piece No.3 Part 2
    26 Madvillain – Shadows of Tomorrow
    27 Basil Kirchin – Quantum Pt 1 Once upon a time (extract}
    28 Broadcast & the Focus Group – The Be Colony
    29 Bruce Haack & Esther Nelson – Way Out -Intro
    30 The Dandelion Set – Tone Garden (Children’s programme version)
    31 Nancy Priddy – Ebony Glass
    32 Dandelion Set (feat. Hanna Ylitepsa) – Memoir of a Black Spider
    33 Basil Kirchin – Quantum Pt 1 Once upon a time (extract}
    34 Lesiman - Moto Centripeto
            w/ extract from Hair Pie bake 2 – Capt Beefheart)
    35 Fid Mella – Bo
    36 The Dandelion Set – Bloom

  2. David Whatson says:

    It’s 12:54 am in Brisbane, Australia and this is the best stuff to listen to just before bedtime. Bravo!

  3. Katarina says:

    Could you publish playlist from 11.08.(2013)?
    I enjoyed it while I was listening to. I know a lot of song that you played, but some intrigues me.
    Compliments from Montenegro!

    • Craig says:

      Here you go Katarina

      01 Theme from ‘Game plan’ -The Dandelion Set
      02 Radio Sweden interval signal.
      03 Cosmic Ice cream van (extract) -The Dandelion Set
      04 Death Wish – Geoff Love & his Orchestra
      05 Nem Erdekel Amit Mondsz – Illes
      06 Primitive Spirit – Raymond Guiot & Guy Pedersen
      07 Prologue- Pierre Henry
      08 Sonic Re-entry – Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan
      09 Along came Sam – Spleen
      10 Rainbows -Madvillain
      11 Altarra, Princess of the Blue Women – Julian’s Treatment
      12 Sonne= Blackbox – Ursula Bogner
      13 Glass Menagerie Fantasies- Bobb Trimble
      14 Love without Sound – White Noise
      15 Emperor’s main course -Kid Koala
      16 I Spy- Dick Hyman
      17 Riding Tigers -Slapp Happy & Henry Cow
      18 Man from Nowhere – Jack Arel
      19. Singing in the dark – Bruno Spoerri
      20 Xylophagus – Eddie Warner
      21. Pamela – Ultimate Spinach
      22. Wild Trumpets – Pierre Dutour
      23 Speck Vormess – Fid Mella
      24 Danse & Atoms -Focus Group
      25 Holy Wood – The Dandelion Set

  4. Kyle says:

    May you publish the track list for today (3/25/13)? I came in late and missed the name of something interesting.

    Good show, by the way!

    • Glyn Bush says:

      Thanks for your kind words.
      Here’s the tracklist:

      The Dandy Hour Episode 22

      01 The Dandelion Set – Gameplan (backwoods version)
      02 Stanton Walgrave – Another Suburban Romance (ext)
      03 Henry Cow – Nirvana for Mice (ext)
      04 Schnauser – As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still
      05 Bubbha Thomas And The Lightmen Plus One – The Phantom
      06 Sun Ra – The Antique Blacks
      07 Dorothy Ashby – Cause I need It
      08 Mustapha Ozkent – Karadir Kara
      09 Pearly Queen – Quit Jivin
      10 Annette Peacock – Survival (ext)
      11 Madlib – The String (Heavy Jones)/Two For Pay Jay
      12 Herbie Hancock – Party People
      13 Anthony Braxton – Five Pieces 1975, No 3
      14 The Slits – FAce Place/Face Dub
      15 Jimi Tenor – Better Than Ever
      16 Blockhead – A Better Place (edit)
      17 Sun Ra – Sleeping Beauty (ext)
      18 Arthur Verocai – Queimadas
      19 Yesterdays New Quintet – The Horse
      20 Dick Hyman – Give It Up Or Turn Turn It Loose
      21 Mulatu Astatke – Asiyo Belema
      22 Dionne Warwick – You’re Gonna Need Me
      23 Letta Mbulu – Pula Yetla

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