The Space Library

TUESDAYS @ 20:00 – 21:00 GMT / FRIDAYS @ 08:00 – 09:00 GMT

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A century of radio waves sent out from Earth have been collected in an imagined music library in outer space.Bringing you retro-futurism with a hint of Hauntology and a focus on electronic experimental pop, library, soundtracks and lounge music for robots.

Hosted by Walt Panorama in Melbourne, Australia, The Space Library is enabled through the miracles of modern sound technology and emerges through the ether to your stereophonic Hi-Fidelity receiver.

Visit The Space Library Archives for more information, playlists, graphical detail and Moon tours (or click on the individual show images to go to streaming/download and show info).

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THE SPACE LIBRARY – Transmissions and Specials
(images link to stream/download)

Transmissions 2.0 Series (2014)

SL2000 SL201 SL202

Transmissions 1.0 Series (2013)

The Space Library Transmission 1.0 Transmission 1.1 Transmission 1.2 Transmission 1point3 Transmission 1.4Transmission 1.5 "The Mind" Transmission 1.6 Transmission 1.7 Transmission 1.8 Transmission 1point9 Transmission 1.10Transmission_1.11_-_Submerged transmission 1.12  transmission 1.13 Transmission 1.14 Transmission 1.15 Transmission 1.16Transmission 1.17transmission 1.18 haunted transmission 1.19 transmission 1.20T1.21 Xmas


 Wach Auf Mit Nina Hagen Wake Up With Severed Heads Wake Up With Julee Cruise


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