The Sunken Hum

sunken hum pic (800x356) (2)Gates creaking, cats meowing, rain playing rhythms on a tin roof: these are the sounds that make up The Sunken Hum. Centered around the wildes of Leitrim in the the northwest of Ireland, The Sunken Hum is a collection of field recordings captured by Natalia Beylis.

The Sunken Hum is a year-long sound art project for 2013 in which Natalia records a two minute audio clip from her life everyday. For this radio show, Natalia will weave together the previous two weeks of her life recordings and broadcast them in a forthnightly, half-hour program.

Born in Kiev and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Natalia Beylis now lives in an old farmhouse in a bog in Ireland with many cats and a goat. She spends her time collecting and creating music and sounds. She often mixes her field recordings in with her music projects: Divil A’ Bit , Woven Skull and Ёжик.

Natalia has a deep fascination with how people spend their ordinary days – the fragments that make up a person and the role that sound plays in this – and with The Sunken Hum, she is exploring the often overlooked constant background hum that filters through her life.

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